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A lifetime of traditions with a modern touch

In 1920, a group of Hamilton citizens had a dream to build an outstanding golf course and country club in an ideal setting. The dream became realized. Our club has evolved over time but at the heart of every enhancement, we are committed to preserving BGCC’s legacy.


Where we started

In 1918, after World War 1, a group of prominent local citizens searched local properties in the region suitable for a country club. Sections of six local farms were purchased to create the initial property consisting of approximately 140 acres.


Registering BGCC

Twelve gentlemen from Hamilton and Burlington led by L.M. Appleford, convened at the Royal Connaught Hotel in Hamilton on January 23, 1922, to register the club. A membership share was $250.


Constructing the course

The Board of Directors retained Stanley Thompson, one of North America’s leading golf course architects, to design the course. The first nine holes were completed under the leadership of Nicole Thompson, Stanley's brother. The last nine holes were completed under the leadership of Andy Anderson, who subsequently became the club’s first head professional.


The first clubhouse

It was a modest design and was situated roughly where our current clubhouse stands today. It was built for a total cost of $10,000. The orginal pro shop, then attached behind the clubhouse, included a screened verandah affectionately named "The Birdcage," which was situated on its roof.


A key decade

From 1932-1942, the course was reconstructed by Frank Locke, the club professional and greens keeper. During this period, Frank rebuilt every green and tee on the course, lengthened several holes, and constructed the bunkers with sand hauled from a sand beach that was along the shoreline. As well, he built several of the bridges for which this course became famous.


Hello curling

With growing interest in the sport of curling, the Board of Directors undertook the building of an inovative curling rink floating on stilts, twenty-five feet above ground. The rink was fitted with six slabs of ice.


A larger clubhouse

It was constructed by Wilchar Construction Ltd and the project was overseen by Wilchar’s President at the time, Charles Juravinski, one of today’s leading philanthropists. It featured an angular exterior design. The dining area was complete with a centrally-located fireplace and floor-to-ceiling windows.


Membership grows

As membership numbers dramatically increased, the membership voted in favour of building the larger, traditional-style clubhouse, which stands today. This clubhouse is exactly where the founding members had proposed its original location.


Expanding our clubhouse

In 2020, extensive renovations were made to the clubhouse’s interior structure. Renovations included new  lounges, patios, and dining room. Award-winning Canadian golf course architect, Doug Carrick, reconstructs four holes (5, 6, 17, 18).


About Stanley Thompson

Golf Course architect, Stanley Thompson (1893-1953) was a creative innovator who left his mark on the Canadian landscape and beyond. His ‘larger than life’ persona produced exceptional results in the golf world that has passed the test of time. He was both a golf course architect and even an excellent player. The Stanley Thompson Society lists 178 courses which Thompson developed during the years 1912-1953. BGCC is proud to be one of these courses. Thompson died in Toronto of an aneurysm in early 1953, at the age of 59. Thompson was inducted into the Canadian Golf Hall of Fame in 1980, and also into the builder category of Canada's Sports Hall of Fame in 2015.

The BGCC Story 

In celebration of our 75th Anniversary in 2008, a dedicated group of club members researched and developed The BGCC Story. This text details notable club milestones from the inception to the publication in 2008.
                BGCC Story  

Original BGCC bylaws (1924) 

In 1924, a number of prominent businessmen and community members from the Hamilton and Burlington area formed to create the original bylaws for BGCC.