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BGCC offers a relaxed and inviting environment. To ensure everyone’s enjoyment,
please note the following policies and information. We look forward to welcoming you.

We are always excited to welcome guests to our facilities. If you are golfing, upon arrival, please drop your golf clubs at the bag drop located directly in front of the Pro Shop. One of our back-shop attendants will be pleased to help you. Once you have checked in at the Pro Shop, either your host or a member of our staff will assist you.

Upon completion of your round you may leave your clubs at the designated area just past the end of cart path from the 18th green. Our staff will pick up your clubs, clean them, and put them on the bag rack at the rear back shop entrance door. After you have finished your visit in the Clubhouse, the Pro Shop staff will take your clubs to your car after you have identified them. If it is after dark and you are still enjoying our hospitality, our staff will deliver your clubs to the cloakroom, which is just inside the front doors of the Clubhouse.

We certainly hope you will enjoy your round at Burlington. It will be our pleasure to serve you.

A Dress Code Policy is essential to preserve the tradition of attire relating to golf, curling and social functions in the clubhouse. Both members and guests are obligated to conform to this Dress Code. Members are responsible for ensuring their guests are aware of the policy and that they follow the Dress Code when visiting the Club. This will permit a pleasurable atmosphere in which to entertain ourselves, our families and our guests.
Club Events may have their own specific Dress Code requirements, which will be detailed in the event invitation or event promotional material.
The responsibility of enforcing the Dress Code lies solely with our Management Team. Club Management has authority granted by the Board of Directors to refuse clubhouse, social, golf and curling privileges to those in violation of the Dress Code Policy. Management reserves the right to use their discretion regarding the Dress Code Policy, which may include exceptions in certain circumstances (ex. reasons relating to culture, sexual orientation, injury, disability or design of clothing). Enforcement of the below outlined Dress Code Policy will be upheld regardless of the designer pedigree or cost of the garment.

Golf Dress Code


  • Golf shirts must be the type with a collar, turtleneck, or mock turtleneck and must be tucked in.
  • Proper golf shorts or tailored slacks may be worn.
  • Golf shoes must be worn.
  • Hats or visors must be worn in a forward position.
  • Hats or visors must be removed when entering the clubhouse.


  • Golf tops can be collared, mock style, V-neck, sleeveless, and racerback shirts with collar or mock collar. Tops may be worn untucked. 
  • Tailored slacks, golf shorts, skorts, skirts, capris and dresses may be worn.
  • Golf shoes must be worn.
  • Hats or visors must be worn in a forward position.

Attire Not Permitted:

  • No denim or jeans of any kind or colour, cut-offs, short shorts, tennis shorts/skirts, rugger pants, or cargo pants/shorts (external pocket) are allowed.
  • No mesh shirts, workout attire, or t-shirts are allowed.
  • No bare midriff, tank tops, halter tops, or visible bra straps are allowed.
  • No sockettes that exceed three inches above the shoe.
  • No sandals of any kind, including sandals with soft spikes.
  • No logos greater than 4”x2”, unless golf company related.
  • No other inappropriate attire, at the discretion of the club.

Curling Dress Code

No rugger or cargo pants, track or jogging suits are permitted in the Curling Lounge or Clubhouse at any time. Neat, clean blue jeans are permitted in the Clubhouse but not on the ice. Clean running shoes or proper curling shoes are the only footwear allowed in the curling rink. All curlers are strongly encouraged to wear protective headgear while on the ice. All Juniors under 13 years old must wear protective headgear. Curlers are kindly asked to store brooms and bags in the Coat Room if they are attending the lounges upstairs. 

Clubhouse Dress Code

Appropriate attire is required for all areas of the clubhouse. In general, approved golf course and curling attire serves as the basic clubhouse requirements for all members, children and guests. Some Dress Code tolerance will be given to children under the age of 12; however, Juniors are expected to follow the same Dress Code of the Club for Men and Ladies while golfing or curling.

Jeans are acceptable, however, they must be neat and presentable and may not be torn, frayed, ripped or tattered. They must be worn snuggly at the waist or above the hips. Footwear must be worn at all times. (Socks are not required for sandals, deck shoes or slip-on loafers.) Ladies golf hats/visors can be worn in the Locker Room, Patio and Bayview Lounge but cannot be worn in the Stanley Thompson Dining Room, Banquet Room or Curling Lounge.

Members and guests are permitted to enter and exit the Clubhouse in “street” attire when travelling to and from the locker rooms or picking up a take-out order.


  • Approved golf or curling attire
  • Collared shirts, turtlenecks, mock necks, crewnecks
  • Shirts tucked in unless specifically designed to be worn out
  • Tailored pants or golf shorts


  • Approved golf or curling attire
  • ​Dresses, suits, skirts
  • Tailored pants, or capris

Not allowed:

  • Cargo shorts or pants
  • Sweatsuits
  • Cut-off shorts, jean shorts, jean skirts
  • T-shirts
  • Bare midriffs
  • Sports team wear
  • Men's golf hats/visors in any area of the clubhouse
  • Ladies golf hats/visors in the Stanley Thompson Dining Room, Banquet room or Curling Lounge

Logos and insignia:

Any logo or insignia must be tailored and in good taste. Commercial logos other than golf insignias must be no larger than four (4) inches by two (2) inches in size.

For the enjoyment of all members and guests, please keep your cell phone and personal devices on silent mode at all times while on club property.
Cell phones may be used freely:
  • In the parking lots
  • Locker rooms
  • Conference rooms
  • Banquet lounge area
  • Banquet rooms
  • Administrative offices
Cell phones may not be used:
  • On the golf course with the exception of emergency calls.
  • In all other areas of the Clubhouse
  • On the patios
  • In the Pro Shop
  • Chalet
There are no restrictions to text messaging, which is permitted in all areas of BGCC property.

The smoking or consumption of cannabis in any form by members, visitors or their guests is prohibited on BGCC property. The Chief Operating Officer (“COO”) can permit a member or guest to use cannabis for medical purposes if a medical certificate from his or her treating physician verifying authorizing the use of cannabis. The request should be presented to the COO 24 hours in advance.

Burlington Golf & Country Club is committed to protecting your privacy as a user and/or member and as such has implemented policies to protect the information provided to us. Please review this policy for the most recent information and procedures as it may be updated periodically.

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Personal information is obtained to ensure that the design of the website content meets the specific needs of the users as well as to track the most frequently visited domains to create a profile that best serves our members. Information may also be used to contact members electronically. You may change your user information by updating your user profiles. Members and general users alike cannot use the names of club members and/or their contact information for any commercial or solicitation purposes whatsoever.

Burlington Golf & Country Club does not sell, trade or transfer any user information to third parties. Your information may be used for direct emailing, newsletters or club information/notifications. You may agree to provide your personal information to third parties that provide content for club offerings in which case you are then subject to their company privacy policies.

Accuracy of your information is important so please contact us for immediate correction of errors or omissions.

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Burlington Golf & Country Club may provide external links to third party websites but is not responsible for the privacy practices of these external company websites. You may utilize the links at your discretion.

Please contact us with any questions in regards to this privacy policy.

We are located at 422 North Shore Blvd East, Burlington, Ontario, L7T 1W9

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BGCC will adhere to all Ontario Provincial Regulations plus any additional Club policies that the Board of Directors deem necessary to protect the Health and Safety of their Members, Guests and Employees.