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Our facility is located on both sides of North Shore Boulevard. The parking lot and Pro Shop are on the north side of the road, while the clubhouse is located on the south or lake side of the road. When crossing the street to the clubhouse, please use the main pathway located by the pro shop. Guests are asked to remain within the public areas while within the Clubhouse.

Upon Arrival

Golfing Guests ~ On arrival please drop your golf clubs at the bag drop located directly in front of the Pro Shop. Ring the bell and one of our back shop attendants will collect your equipment. Once you have parked your vehicle and gathered your shoes, check in at the Pro Shop. Either your host for your round or a member of our staff will give you information on directions to the locker room. Check in with the locker room steward at the counter just left of the bottom of the stairs. They will escort you to the guest lockers.

If your host has yet to make contact with you, please return to the Pro Shop, and one of our staff will give you information pertaining to the whereabouts of your host, and your clubs, the practice area, putting green, chalet and the first tee.

Upon completion of your round you may leave your clubs at the designated area just past the end of cart path from the 18th green. Our staff will pick up your clubs, clean them, and put them on the bag rack at the rear back shop entrance door. After you have finished in the clubhouse please drive your vehicle back to the bag drop area at the front of the golf shop. Enter the Pro Shop and our staff will take your clubs to your car after you have identified them. If it is after dark and you are still in the clubhouse, our staff will deliver your clubs to the cloakroom, which is just inside the front doors of the clubhouse.

We certainly hope you will enjoy your round at Burlington. It will be our pleasure to serve you.

Dress Code

Cell Phone Policy

Cell phones must be kept on silent mode at all times while on club property. Cell phones may be used in the west wing on the main floor of the clubhouse, in the parking lots and in the lower level locker rooms. The main floor west wing includes the Conference Rooms, the Banquet Lounge area, the Banquet Room and the Administrative Offices.

Receiving and making calls on cell phones is prohibited in all other areas of the Clubhouse, Patios, Pro Shop and Chalet.

Cell phones are restricted on the golf course with the exception of outgoing emergency calls or calls for emergencies services that must be received. In these situations, phones must be kept on vibrate and answered discretely.

There are no restrictions to text messaging, which is permitted in all areas of club property.

If uncertain of area restrictions, please consult a staff member.

Club Cannabis Policy

The smoking or consumption of cannabis in any form by members, visitors or their guests is prohibited on ALL BGCC property. The Chief Operating Officer (“COO”) as agent for the Board of Directors may permit a member or his or her guest to use cannabis for medical purposes in a specially designated area of the club if the member or guest provides to the COO a medical certificate from his or her treating physician verifying the need for the use of medical cannabis. However, the request and medical certificate must be presented to the COO 24 hours in advance of any such use on BGCC property so as to facilitate an individual accommodation plan, if appropriate. The COO, in consultation with the club’s lawyers, may develop and post guidelines in order to implement this policy.